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Free initial sizing /load calculations for your project

When you need simple, allowable load data, we can provide these project-related load values for installers who are considering using EJOT products, just fill out the questionnaire and we provide you with the data and detailed technical calculations for your exposed-fastener metal panel roof project. The questionnaire is in Excel and may take a few moments to download and you may need to permission its metafiles and allow macros to be enabled. With this information about your installation, we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours, with all the allowable load data you will need. EJOT can be recommend the appropriate fastening and sealing system and provide project-specific information:

  • Analysis of pull-out from building substructure and tensile fracture
  • Analysis of the shear force capacity
  • Analysis of the compression capacity
  • Analysis of the flexure load (combined compression and shear force)

Click here for the questionnaire. Please forward the completed questionnaire to infoUS@ejot.com.  

Initial sizings from EJOT’s application engineering team

These calculations do not substitute the need for structural calculations to be conducted by a licensed structural engineer, but based on the results, they allow the customer to determine the required quantity of fastening systems more precisely. In many cases these calculations have been accepted by building authorities and accordingly the products have been approved as "Alternate Materials, Design and Methods of construction, IBC Section 104.11" (see reference project page for installations already completed in different States); while in the majority of projects, it was not necessary to provide additional technical data for these products.   

To access our support resources, call us on 847-933-8588 or use the inquiry form.

Our engineers can advise you on every aspect of an installation, from initial specification and design onwards. See our FAQs for answers to common questions about EJOT Solar Fastening Systems products.