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ONE SIZE is all you need
-fits almost any tile type

  • Stock one single solution, no need for an array of different sized roof hooks.
  • Saves you money NO EXCESS STOCK REQUIRED.
  • Resolves worst-case scenarios, fits almost any tile type domestic roof, even plain tiles.

A - Solar i-clip Arm
M10 slotted hole for easy adjustment of the mounting rail. EPDM strip helps protect the tile directly below the Solar i-clip arm.

B - Solar i-clip Plate
Hole spacing designed for thinner rafters. Suitable for narrow rafters: two-point fixing on rafters as narrow as 13/8”. 
For vertically misaligned rafters, the multi-position fixing plate makes easy vertical alignment and creates a strong fixing mount.

C - Solar i-clip Spacer
Universal spacers compensate for undulating roofs, tile-to-rafter variance, rafter abnormalities and misalignment.

D - Solar i-clip Rafter Fix
In line fixings, not staggered. Self-drilling fasteners means there is no need to pre-drill rafters.

E - Solar i-clip Plate Fix


You only need to stock the modular components: plates, arms, spacers and bolts, and know that whatever the roof type, the Solar i-clip will fit. Snags that typically occur during installation, such as a bowed or out of align rafters, can be solved by the versatile adjustment the Solar i-clip provides.

When stock runs low on a particular component, only those parts need to be ordered. Logistically this makes installation simpler and helps reduce cost by reusing what is in stock.

WIND RESISTANT to strong gusts

Extensively and successfully tested at the Building Reasearch Establishment (BRE) and Loughborough University, UK.

Wind loadings on solar PV installations during storm conditions can be extremely large. There are a number of quick install roof hooks currently available with no requirement to put screws in place, however these alternatives are prone to allow the wind to simply blow the panels off the roof.

The Solar i-clip has been extensively tested at the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE), with additional guidance from Loughborough University, to ensure it’s strong enough when the time comes. The formulae and calculations are complex, but putting it simply, a correctly installed system using the Solar i-clip can withstand 163 mph gales.

Saves YOU TIME, less time required on site

Installations delayed by having the wrong type of roof hook onsite? Solar i-clip is versatile, installations are predictable and completed on schedule.

Straight and level installations can be achieved efficiently on uneven roofs, simply by adjusting the number of spacers fitted to each bracket, and undulations can be taken out. Plus, the same method compensates for different tile and batten thicknesses.

Plates are fully reversible, so they can be handed to either side of the rafter. Special EJOT fasteners require no pre-drilling. The fasteners are custom-designed to ensure the rafters will not split and excellent pullout strength is achieved.

Approved and tested for total peace of mind

  • Manufactured in high quality stainless steel for exceptional life and durability.
  • Backed with a 25-year guarantee.
  • Countersunk boltholes resist loosening due to resonance and eliminate interference with the tile. 

Solar i-clip also holds a full design registration through the UK Patents Office and is manufactured from high quality, 6mm flex resistant, stainless steel for exceptional life and durability and the spacers are manufactured from aluminium. 

Our engineering department can assist you in choosing the right EJOT Solar Fastening Systems for your project. Call us on: 262-612-3550 or contact us

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