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EJOT Solar i-clip

The ideal solution for PV and solar thermal installations on residential buildings with tile roofs and wood substructure or rafters

See the Solar i-clip installation video:

The EJOT Solar i-clip is easy to install. It has been designed to solve many of the common installation problems associated with installing solar PV systems on tiled roofs.

  • One size fits almost any tile type
  • Saves you time, less time on site
  • Saves you money, no excess stock required
  • Wind resistant to strong gusts
  • Tested and approved, for your peace of mind!

The universal solution

The EJOT Solar i-clip is the one universal bracket which will fit most tile roofs, whatever the roof type or whatever you find under the tiles.

The Solar i-clip is the solution. One bracket, one stock item, a flexible modular system with little waste that’s easy to install. In addition, a roof hook that fits properly ensuring a watertight fit and a professional long lasting finish.

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