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S-5! the attachment system for standing seam roofs 

S-5! mounting clamps for solar installations on standing seam roofs have incredible holding strength, providing exceptional value and performance for most common applications.

Having one setscrew rather than two, the mini clamps are the right choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories. Their versatile, simple design and ample size make the original S-5! clamps so strong they are perfect for snow retention products and all other heavy-duty applications.

  The new S-5-PV Kit’s groundbreaking stainless steel mounting disk has twelve nodes designed to ensure module-to-module conductivity.

With the new S-5-PV Kit, the module is simply anchored with the kit, and is automatically bonded, reducing the expensive cost of copper lugs and wire. The new S-5-PV Kit is one of the first solar module mounting solutions in the industry to be listed to the new UL subject 2703, a standard that covers both bonding and mounting.

Furthermore, the S-5-PV Kit has gained an ETL Listing to UL 1703.

S-5! Clamps





S-5 E Clamp


79-S-5-E MINI

S-5 E Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible


79-S-5-E MINI FL    

S-5 E Clamp Mini Flange



S-5 Z Clamp


79-S-5-Z MINI

S-5 Z Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible


79-S-5-Z MINI FL

FL S-5 Z Clamp Mini Flange



S-5 U Clamp


79-S-5-U MINI

S-5 U Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible



S-5 S Clamp


79-S-5-S MINI

S-5 S Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible



S-5 B Clamp


79-S-5-B MINI

S-5 B Clamp Mini For use with PV Kit SS


79-S-5-K MINI

S-5 K Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible



S-5 N Clamp


79-S-5-N MINI

S-5 N Clamp Mini PV Kit Compatible

S-5! Solar mounting clamps




        79-S-5-PV KIT  

S-5 PV Kit Edge Grab

79-S-5-PV KIT SS

S-5 PV Kit c/w S/Steel Disc
(excludes clamp) 


79-S-5-PV NUT   

S-5 PV Kit M8 Hex Flange Nut
for edge connection use only