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Adjustable Trap Bracket to fasten mounting systems for PV and thermal solar installations directly to trapezoidal exposed-fastener metal roofs. 


When you cannot fasten into the roof substructure, the solution is EJOT's Solar Adjustable Trap Bracket (ATB). It's ideal for fastening mounting systems for PV and thermal solar installations, directly to trapezoidal exposed-fastener metal roofs.

Fully adjustable

The EJOT Solar ATB fits almost all common trapezoidal metal roof profiles and insulated foam panels.
It is adjustable to the width of the specific roof profile’s crown, and offers variability in height for attaching all kinds of different mounting and rail systems, either top rail mount or side rail mount.

Easy installation

No additional sealants are required, as the bracket seals with an adhesive rubber sealant.

Features and technical data

The installation is done by placing the bracket on the crown of the roof profile and tightening the nut to adjust it to the required width. The bracket is fastened with special thin sheet metal screws – the EJOFAST self-drilling screws JF3-2-5.5-25 (JF3-2 - #12-1’’) made of SS grade 304 with casehardened carbon steel drill point and pre-assembled EPDM-bonded SS sealing washers Ø 5/8’’.
The screws are technically approved according to IBC 2009 and 2012 for all common roofing sheet metal gauges (IAPMO ER 276). These special screws allow for easy, chipless and fast installation and provide high pull-out loads.

Position A: assembly for top rail mount         Position B: assembly for side rail mount

Kit includes

The complete package consists of one EJOT Solar Bracket and four EJOFAST screws. All components are stainless steel grade 304.

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