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The better choice for rooftop solar installations

EJOT products speed up and simplify installation of a wide range of rooftop solar PV systems. This top quality solar fastening system is approved and recommended by leading solar and construction panel manufacturers, including Kingspan.

  • Quick and simple installation, no special tools needed
  • Superb engineering for secure, consistent and watertight fastening
  • Outstanding technical and logistics support, with free expert advice, including structural initial sizings

Slash installation time by up to 50%

EJOT's JA3 and JT3 solar fastening system gives you a lot more than other solar fastening or fixings or hanger bolts can offer:

  • Building authorities approved fastening system
  • High product quality through design and strict quality control
  • Extremely secure attachment (fastens directly into roof's substructure)
  • Quick retrofitting (uses existing holes where possible)
  • Uses proven sealing technology
  • Special request flexibility

Get it right, every time, with EJOT

You get a lot more than a solar fastening or fixing or hanger bolt can offer; EJOT Solar Fastening Systems are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the highest North American and international quality specifications - starting in Germany, where engineering standards and tests just don’t get any more demanding.

Quality every step of the way

Rooftop solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems have become increasingly popular across the USA and Canada. That puts the spotlight on every aspect of their installation. Contractors and building owners alike want reliability, low maintenance, a long lifespan and extreme weather resistance, including snow and high wind loading.

Fasteners are no longer a minor detail – as EJOT foresaw years ago, when the German solar industry started to evolve.

EJOT engineers anticipated the high demand for special solar fastening systems and designed an innovative solution that was simple to use and could handle the total load and stress factor that affects a rooftop solar installation. They invented the EJOT Solar Fastening Systems JA3 and JT3 for exposed fastener metal panel roofs; designed and manufactured to surpass the performance and build a better installation than hanger bolts.

The system also had to be watertight, and it had to be as easy to retrofit, as well as on new roof projects. The resulting EJOT JA3 and JT3 fasteners have been approved by the DIBt (German Institute of Building Technology), whose standards are among the most rigorous in the world.

Approval to use EJOT products can easily be obtained from local building authorities throughout the country as Alternate Materials, Design and Methods of Construction, IBC Section 104.11.  Together with our project-related initial sizings and technical data, this makes the process straight-forward for specifiers, planners and installers.

The EJOT JA3 and JT3 offer a complete system that fastens, mounts and seals.

With EJOT Solar Fastening Systems you can’t go wrong

Once you’ve chosen the correct thread length for your metal roof project (we can advise on that, and provide a free initial sizing if needed), you automatically have the correct installation depth for every joint. It’s then just a matter of repeating the same procedure until the job is done.

The upper part of JA3 and JT3 is compatible with all common strut, rail and racking systems; and the assembly is height adjustable to compensate for minor leveling differences.

And don’t forget that EJOT’s technical advice is always available. We can advise you on the size of fastener for a particular project; and by taking into account roof pitch, purlin spacing, building location and exposure etc, we can supply you with the exact quantities you’ll need per square yard.

To find out the quantities you’ll need, simply download our EJOT Solar Fastening Questionnaire for exposed fastener metal panel roofs. When you’ve completed it, return it to our Engineering Department at info@ejot-usa.com

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