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EJOT industrial fasteners are used extensively throughout the US automotive industry and OEMs

EJOT industrial fasteners are found in countless assemblies in the US and worldwide. As well as automotive manufacture, EJOT fasteners are used in an almost endless number of other applications, such as household appliances, castings, bulk storage, playground equipment, automotive sub-assemblies, power tools, HVAC and pre-fabricated buildings.


Fasteners for the automotive industry

The drive for automotive lightweighting lead to five intensive years of development at EJOT in Germany. 

As Automotive Design Engineers are challenged to find better methods and techniques for building lighter, stronger body-in-white structures; so EJOT has responded with EJOWELD®, improving on the traditional self-pierce rivet.

Quite literally, EJOWELD is a revolution in welding, which assists automotive manufactures in achieving greater strength and reduced mass.

The EJOWELD process successfully creates this high strength joint – typically between light alloys and boron steel of up to 1800 megapascals.

EJOWELD’s advanced friction weld system uses specially developed components to secure assembly structure. The system uses a pin for single-sided fixing, and an alternative element for double-sided access.

The EJOWELD joint creation is a 4-stage cycle that’s completed in less than a second.

From the first axial loading, the EJOT component reacts with the system’s high revolution speeds to pierce the top layer and under-fill the two contrasting materials. There are no sparks or flash and there’s very little noise heat generation is just localized.

Watch the video and contact us to find out about the EJOTWELD advantage to manufacturing lightweightening and strength.

EJOT offers support through product development stages.

Fasteners with high load capacity, over adjustment systems, up to assembly lines - EJOT provides product and development support for almost all areas of automotive engineering.


Household appliances

Robust, efficient and durable fastening solutions.

With EJOT fasteners and metal-plastic systems you get efficient joints, optimum durability and long service life.


Electrical industry and medical technology

The union of perfection, purity and functionality.

Solutions for electronics and medical technology, where fastening technologies for increasingly smaller products, with more precision and of critical importance. 


Renewable energy, air conditioning and heating

Fasteners and fastening systems for next-generation air-conditioning and heating.

The demands on fasteners in renewable energy and heating systems are very high and very diverse. Our application engineers will find the optimum product for your requirements.


Garden, agriculture and forestry

EJOT's contribution to 'blooming landscapes'.

Our screws ensure the operating safety and durability for machinery that needs to withstand forces and vibration every day, under extreme conditions.


Optics, acoustics and micro technology

For the best possible performance in the smallest spaces.

Our micro screws retain the features of larger screws. Calculable, high-performance and process reliable in the assembly process.


Pneumatics, hydraulics, pumps and motors

Constant performance under pressure and temperature in all materials.

Where the conditions are tougher and highest demands are made, EJOT provides support with the calculation and selection of a better fastening solution.


Sport and leisure

For the 'plus' in dynamics and material variety.

Whatever the materials and components used in the realisation of your product ideas - we find the fastening solution to work with your application.



For all inquiries regarding industrial, automotive and other engineeringing fasteners, please contact:

Email: info@ejot-usa.com
Call: 248 773 7453
Fax: 248 423 6324

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