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EJOT SBT-H 65/25 capped tube washer

for securing insulation

  • To combine with any  screw with up to a ¼” diameter and a head diameter of up to 5/8”
  • Bottom hole diameter  13/64”
  • Washer diameter 2-9/16”
  • Washer with an integrated capped element
  • Limited thermal bridging due to the fastener being recessed 1”

SBH-T 65/25 (SBH-T 2-9/16” x 1”)           Code:  8519035001

The SBH-T 65/25 is a molded tube washer with a 2-9/16” diameter (65mm) face for holding back insulation.  

The washer can be used with almost any screw up to #1/4 gauge and with a head size up to 5/8” making it incredibly versatile. Incorporated into the polyamide molding is a cap that neatly flips shut, hiding the screw and virtually eliminating any thermal bridging without the inconvenience of installing a second part. 

If necessary, it is then possible to render over the washer without any worry of an uneven surface. The SBH-T washer is conveniently boxed in 100s for easy transportation and ease of application on site. 

For further information, please call 262-612-3550, request a return call at info@ejot-usa.com, or go the contact page.