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EJOT Cronimaks® JZ7

  • Self-tapping screws manufactured from austenitic high-grade stainless steel.
  • For fixing profiled steel sheets / sandwich elements onto steel substructures up to S355 (St 52) and stainless steel substructures (up to Rm = 700 N/mm²).
  • Approved A2 stainless steel screw for high-strength steel substructures.
  • Pre-assembled stainless steel sealing washer.
  • Hexagon A/F 3/8" drive.

Through metallurgical expertise and special manufacturing technology, EJOT has achieved a hardness to the threads' edges, which provides superior performance over and above any other product on the market.

Conventional fasteners tapped into steel plate with tensile strengths ≥ 500 N/mm2 are prone to crushing/malformation of the thread edges.

Corresponding threads are not adequately formed. Effective clamping of metal section to this material is not possible.




Self-tapping EJOT Cronimaks® JZ7 fasteners enable thread forming into structural steels with tensile strengths up to Rm=700 N/mm².

Efficient fixing into high-grade steel sheet is up to Rm=700 N/mm² equally possible.



Approvals ETA-10/0200 and ETA-13/0177

Ø mm Length mm Effective clamping thickness mm Packing unit How to order
    -without sealing washer-    
6.3 22 9 500 JZ7-6,3x22
6.3 65 52 250 JZ7-6,3x65
6.3 85 72 200 JZ7-6,3x85
6.3 105 92 200 JZ7-6,3x105
6.3 125 112 200 JZ7-6,3x125
6.3 145 132 200 JZ7-6,3x145
6.3 165 152 200 JZ7-6,3x165
6.3 185 172 200 JZ7-6,3x185



For further information, please download the brochure or call 262-612-3550 or request a return call at info@ejot-usa.com