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EJOT-SAPHIR JT2 Carbon Steel Self-Drilling Fasteners

A range of fasteners specifically designed for use in roofing and cladding. Many fasteners feature our 8mm / 5/16” Hex Hi-Lode head styles with 12.5mm / 1/2” washer flange, for the ultimate in pullover resistance and sealing ability.

The drill points and thread forms are designed to provide maximum mechanical performance with ample safety margins for use on building sites.

Where specified they are assembled with a high quality metal and EPDM vulcanised sealing washer ensuring a safe seal every time.

Manufactured in case-hardened carbon steel with EJOGUARD zinc and organic coating. Provides 1000 hours SSN and 15 cycles Kesternich Environmental classes C1, C2 and environmental conditions up to C4 on AS 3566 (in combination with an additional sealer). Sealing washers are zinc-plated steel, supplied pre-assembled.

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EJOGUARD – Optimal protection against corrosion

Metal will react to any environment. The science is knowing the exact result. Specifying a fastener type and the material that it is manufactured from is a responsible process even for very standard application areas.

Understanding how materials react in application, takes many years of recording, accumulating and collating data from product performance analysis in both the test and the real environment. It has become EJOT’s business worldwide, to thoroughly understand the processes that influence these specification decisions – and to manufacture fastening systems that are supported by technical guidance that ensures correct and safe performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

EJOT Applitec is a global development and testing resource. Its function is pivotal in manufacturing correct and high calibre products as well as the technical data to aid specification. Years of focused research has allowed our technicians to fully understand the environment and its effect on differing materials and how the environment can exacerbate bimetallic corrosion between dissimilar metals.