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High-quality fasteners for window manufacturing and window installation

EJOT’s ranges of fasteners help process reliable assembly in modern window production lines. EJOT supplies roller sorted self-drilling window screws and enables problem-free assembly processes as well as improved results during automated fastening, helping you achieve maximum economic efficiency can be achieved.

EJOT offers fasteners for plastic and uPVC, aluminium and timber window production. The ranges include:

  • Fitting screws
  • Self-drilling screws for fastening armouring
  • Transom fastening
  • Clip screws
  • Stainless steel self-tapping fitting screws
  • Self-drilling stainless steel screws
  • Flow drill screws
  • Fastening technology for window installation
  • Self-drilling coupling screws
  • Frame anchors
  • Push-on caps
  • …through to transport aids.

For more details, download the window fasteners catalog here.

For further information, please call 262-612-3550, or request a return call at info@ejot-usa.com, or send an inquiry form.