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Stainless-steel self-drilling fasteners 

EJOT Super-SAPHIR® fasteners are manufactured from 304 (A2) grade austenitic stainless steel with a hardened carbon steel drill point welded to the stainless steel shank. The hardened drill point enables the screw to drill carbon steel sections and by having the lead threads formed on the hardened point, this allows for correct tapping at high drilling speed. Where specified they are assembled with a stainless steel / EPDM vulcanized sealing washer, ensuring a safe seal every time. These fasteners are zinc coated for aesthetic reasons and waxed to lubricate the surface during installation.

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The EJOT SUPER-SAPHIR innovation can reduce drilling time up to 50% and noticeably saves labor costs when fastening roof and cladding panels. In practice this means a reduction in assembly times.

The EJOT Super-SAPHIR range is used by roofing and cladding manufacturers and installers worldwide, as well as by leading solar mounting system manufacturers. 

Features and characteristics

  • Drilling, thread-forming and fastening in one step
  • Connect components in one step
  • Decrease assembly times
  • Save tool changes and costs for drilling tools
  • Available with stainless steel / EPDM vulcanized sealing washer    
  • Hexagon or hexalobular drive / TORX® drive
  • Free Spin Zone under the head facilitates longitudinal joints
  • Small dead centre prevents misalignment on the component surface
  • Excellent atmospheric and UV resistance.
  • A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point 

Product details 

Screw material: A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point 
For components made of: Steel or aluminum
Building authorities approved:  Ü
Max. drill capacity [inches (mm)]:  0.472" (12mm)
Approval: Z-14.4-426 and Z-14.1-537

Technical data

Drilling capacity ti + tii :    1.0 + 1.0 mm
External hexagon drive:    A/F8

Approved for sheet metal thicknesses of:

  • 0.80 mm (0.03150’’ or gage 20) aluminium sheets
  • 0.55 mm (0.02165’’ or US steel gauge 24) steel sheets

ø inches (mm)

Length inches (mm)

Clamping thickness inches (mm)

Units per pack

Order description Item number
Sealing washer E16, ø 5/8" (16mm)          
1/4" (6mm) 1"(25mm) 0 - 7/64" (0 - 7mm) 500 JT3-2-6x25-E16  3595511321

Other dimensions or variants are available on request. For further information, please call 262-612-3550 or request a return call at info@ejot-usa.com



Fastens sheet metal fast: used extensively for side-lap stitching on exposed fastener metal panel roofs.

 For fixing metal profiles, profiled metal sheets, insulated metal panels, solar mounting systems, wind deflectors; directly to steel roof profiles.

  • Excellent clamping characteristics 
  • Self-drilling screw without the common drill tip 
  • Twin thread for faster installation 
  • Asymmetric thread for high-pull-out values 
  • New screw point geometry prevents the fastener from slipping
  • Point geometry ensures almost no metal chips 
  • Material SS 304 (A2) with case-hardened drill point 
  • Preassembled 304 SS washer with vulcanized elastomer for excellent atmospheric/UV resistance and optimal load transmission and secure sealing. 


The EJOFAST® thin sheet metal screw is part of the latest screw generation at EJOT. It is a self-drilling screw without the usual cutting bit. 

And yes, it works!

EJOFAST's innovative point geometry fastens thin sheet metal fast!

By displacing the material in the axial direction, the screw joint does not produce long metal chips, avoiding extra cleaning work or customer complaints.

The innovative double-thread can reduce installation time considerably and noticeably save labor costs.

The EJOFAST range of bi-metal self-drilling screws are manufactured from SS grade 304 and feature an 

extremely hard carbon steel drill point in combination with high-performance leading threads.

Specifically engineered to fix components to thin metal profile, 

EJOFAST features excellent clamping properties.  

Technical data 

  • To view the UES Evaluation Report, please click here.
  • Fixing to thin sheet metal (steel): 26 gage – 20 gage 
  • Max. clamping-range: 3/8’’ 
  • A/F5/16‘‘ hexagon drive 

You have to test this screw! 

For a sample, technical support, or a quote, please call 262-612-3550 or request a return call at info@ejot-usa.com

Download the brochure