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EJOT's innovative EJOWELD® wins 2020 PACE Award

The PACE Awards honor superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance from manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry. The awards are judged by an independent panel of technologists and are globally recognized as the industry benchmark for innovation.

EJOT's EJOWELD® friction element welding innovation is believed to be the world's first successful method of reliably joining aluminum to ultra high-strength steel. Automotive manufactures have been eagerly seeking this solution for some time, and EJOT now provides the proven answer.. EJOWELD® encompasses the joining process, the manufacturing of elements, and the fully-automatic robot-compatible joining machine.

The EJOWELD® system uses a rotating steel fastener that friction-stirs through the top aluminum layer, mechanically cleans the steel substrate through friction, then creates a solid-state weld to that steel substrate. Furthermore, this joint is done in less than two seconds, with no pre-drilling or pre-treatment required. In addition to solving the engineering challenges of joining aluminum and steel, EJOWELD® also contributes to reducing vehicle weight as well as meeting safety requirements. EJOWELD® is now going through further development to enable joining of other lightweighting materials, including carbon fiber and magnesium.

CLICK HERE to watch the 'virtual' 26th Annual PACE 2020 Awards presentation.

Since its introduction in 2015, EJOWELD® machines have been implemented into automotive production settings, reliably joining thousands of components every day.


For joining of light-alloy el cover plates with ultra high-strength steels in structural applications without pre-holes, suitable for:

Cover plate: light-alloy (150-320 MPa), thickness 1.0 - 5.0 mm

Base plate: steel material (270-1,800 MPa), thickness 1.0 - 2.0 mm


Hollow element for joining aluminum-to-aluminum or fiber-reinforced plastics-to-aluminum; while using the same EJOWELD machine as CFF.


Find out more about EJOWELD here.