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The hole diameter in the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer is smaller than the EJOT Solar Fastening thread / shank diameter of the screw. Therefore the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer cannot easily be attached – why?

The EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer is always used with two sealing elements to provide the best sealing situation:

1. Sealing washer

2. EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer


The sealing washer does have the function to create watertightness between the flat screw shank and the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer.

The EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer creates a secure sealing and load distribution by clamping on the metal profile.

The tight fit between the screw shank into the hole of the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer allows a free of play and improved sealing situation between screw and EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer.

Due to this sophisticated and proven system the secure sealing can easily be realized for your projects, provided that the correct components and the correct installation have been applied.