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When the EJOT Solar Fastening System is delivered in combination with the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer, the Storm Washer is not pre-assembled on the screw – why is that? 

Performing the installation, the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer will be positioned on the pre-drilled profile sheet (please consider correct diameter). Due to that the washer acts as a joining template and at the same time is kept and fastened in the optimal position. This way the system achieves its reliable waterproofness.

In case the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer would have been pre-assembled to the screw before installation, it would hardly be possible to find the best mounting position on the profile during installation. A slight tilt of the EJOT Solar Fastening System could lead to a displacement or cant in the final positioning. The resulting gap could lead to leakage.

To avoid these possible assembly errors the EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer is not delivered pre-assembled.


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