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Sealing with the EJOT 'FZD' sealing element

Fastening situation of a corrugated aluminum profile with
EJOT 'FZD' sealing element.

  • Sealing element adapts to the surface
  •  Universal sealing solution for any kind of corrugated or
     trapezoidal metal profile roofings (crown should have a width of at least 1‘‘)
  •  Sealing element made of  EPDM
  •  Seals also on slightly rough surfaces



EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer                                                                         
For decades, a proven sealing system for fastening of metal profile roof coverings. Photograph shows fastening of a trapezoidal roofing profile with JT3 screw with EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer and sealing washer. 

Recommended applications:

  •  Trapezoidal metal profiles (Steel/Aluminum)
  •  Corrugated metal profiles (Steel/Aluminum)
  •  Insulated Metal Panels (Steel/ Aluminum)
  •  EJOT ORKAN Storm Washers are available for many common metal profiles.

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