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Solar Fastening Systems downloads:

• Solar Fasteing Systems product catalog
• Solar Fastening Systems Product Program

For exposed fastener metal roofs

JA3 fasteners for wood substructures and 
JZ3 for steel substructures

• Flyer
• Value Proposition
• Installation Manual
• Questionnaire 
• Catalog
• Technical Approval
• Technical Data 
• Assembly Instructions 
• Solar Code Guide 

Spanish language, fijaciones:
• Flyer
• Manual de Instalación
• Cuestionario
• Catalogo 

For PV racking and mounting systems

JT3 and JF3 self-drilling screws 

• Catalog
• Flyer
• Technical data

For THREE TAB asphalt shingle roofs

Roof flashings for solar installations 

• Flyer
• Installation manual

For tile roofs

Solar i-clip

• Flyer
• Design Information
• Fasteners info 
• Datasheet
• FAQs

Fasteners for Building and Construction downloads:

Bi-metal self-drilling screws

JT3 and JF3

• Catalog

JT4 and JT9

• Catalog

Rainscreen, facades and building envelopes


Color matching corrosion resistance fasteners for profiled metal roofing and cladding sheets



Swimming pool and high corrosion risk fasteners

JZ1 and JA1

• Catalog