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Applitec Technology and Technical Support
The advantage for Industrial Engineering and Building and Construction Industries

APPLITEC is at the heart of the EJOT business philosophy worldwide. We've a network of Applitec laboratories supporting EJOT facilities, operating from 27 countries. APPLITEC - is derived from two words; Application Technology.

 This means a global team of qualified technicians are providing a collaboration of knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking. Here in the US, our APPLITEC center provides a modern, hi-tech resource. And this benefits our customers spanning the Industrial Engineering and Building and Construction sectors.

Industrial technology around the world

Each year, APPLITEC tests thousands of assembly solutions for globally recognized products. - both here in the US and by EJOT worldwide. This work provides valuable data on strengths and fastener capability for a multitude of sectors; automotive, pharmaceuticals, white goods, security and defense, to name a few.

The US facility allows clients to see first-hand, fastening technology tested in a real-time environment. Our equipment supports APPLITEC’s ‘human’ think-tank whose task it is to demonstrate understanding of the physical and environmental performance of connections.

Prioritizing fixing at design stage

On a daily basis, this means a range of projects such as simple pullout tests, complex application testing, or metallurgical and chemical composition analysis. Our technicians work with OEMs to develop system-specific solutions. Examples include the EJOT Solar Flashing for shingle asphalt roofs, and EJOT's Solar i-clip, developed to solve on-site installation difficulties with European style roofs such as Spanish tile. Our aim is to improve, optimize, and enhance the boundaries of performance, going beyond the benchmark to set new higher standards.

APPLITEC capabilities

  • Profile testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Tensometer analysis
  • Pullout testing
  • Torque analysis
  • Online prognosis
  • Demonstration facility
  • Seminars and training

Can EJOT APPLITEC help with your testing program?

The APPLITEC team work alongside industry professionals to develop systems that are innovative and efficient from the drawing board through to production. Talk to us today about the products for tomorrow!

Whether you're onsite, installing solar panels, or a building facade cladding system, or preparing conceptual plans for reductions in vehicular weight or manufacturing cost, the APPLITEC resource can help you find the answers.

Contact us at infoUS@ejot.com