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Get the EJOT advantages!

EJOT fasteners are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the best solutions for our customers.

This means advanced and innovative methods, covering all critical areas from raw materials, thread geometry, to application. The result: EJOT products help to ensure excellent performance and durability, and fast and efficient, fit-for-purpose installation. 

Solar Fastening Systems

Quality fastening solutions for a variety of rooftop PV and solar thermal installations

There is an EJOT solar fastening product for many different types of rooftop applications and substructures. We’ll give you free advice to select exactly what’s right for your project.

Solar fasteners for exposed fastener metal roofs

Solar fasteners for PV racking and mounting systems

Solar fasteners for THREE TAB asphalt shingle roofs

Solar fasteners for tile roofs

DEKS solar flashing

S-5! for standing seam roofs


Fasteners for Building and Construction

EJOT continuous to expand its ranges of fasteners for the building and construction industry...

Industrial and Automotive Fasteners

The EJOT Industrial Fasteners Division's products are used extensively throughout the US automotive and OEMs. 

For all inquiries regarding industrial, automotive and other engineeringing fasteners, please contact:

Richard Sarfoh

EJOT GmbH & Co. KG, 
Industrial Fasteners Division, 
2000 Town Center, Suite 1900, Southfield, MI 48075 

Email: rsarfoh@ejot.com

Phone: 248 423 6309
Mobile: 248 854 1888
Fax: 248 423 6324

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